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Monday, October 10, 2011

Ani Choying's life in a book

It was Nhyoo Bajracharya’s “Phoolko Ankha ma” that introduced Ani Choying Drolma to the world, but there’s more to this mellifluous singer known for her genteel demeanour. Those seeking a glimpse of the person behind the persona, the book to acquire is Phoolko Ankha ma. 

Nepa~laya is bringing out the Nepali edition of Ani Choying Drolma's autobiography, which has been already published in 12 languages.

“I guess, all that struggle made me resilient and self reliant, it motivated me to take up challenges life has to offer and help others like me,” shared the singer.

Phoolko Ankhama, the book is the collaborative effort of French writer, Laurence Debril and Ani Choying and was first published in 2008. Her struggle as a refugee child growing up in Kathmandu and her decision to become a nun is told in simple, yet deep prose in the book.

"If I had not become a nun, I would have probably been an unidentified wife and a mother of probably3-4 children," confesses Ani Choying, adding, "my decision to become a nun and furthermore the blessings I got from my mentors, has made my life more worthwhile. I am thankful that through the talent my Gurus helped me identify from within, I am being able to serve many people and our society."
Ani’s positive outlook on life has made her a living proof that a troubled childhood is not the end of the world, but can open new horizons in life.

The book has been published in 11 other languages including German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, English, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Slovenian and Hungarian.

The Nepali edition of the book has been translated by Girish Giri. Sharing his experience, Giri said, "It was no easy feat. Translating the text and retaining its authenticity was a real challenge. I could have written three books during the time I spent working on this one, but it was once in lifetime offer to work with Ani."

The book is being published in Nepali with formal arrangement with the original copyright owners, Oh! Editions of France and should hit the bookstands by Dasain.

"I am glad my story is finally coming home to Nepal," said the singer who’s glad her book is coming to Nepali audience after being read in 12 languages, worldwide.  She has contributed all the earnings from her book to the welfare of kidney patients in Nepal.